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SKU: fox

Molded Fox 66" EPP Glider from Windrider Aviation.

Kit Specifications:
Wingspan: 66"
Length: 35"
Wing Area: 2.15 sq.ft
Airfoil: RSB77
Weight: 15oz (Approx. Depends on Build Style)
Wing Loading: 6.97 oz/sq.ft (Approx. Depends on Build Style)

Radio: 2 or 3 ch
Servos: Standard x 1 (HD322 or equivalent), and 2 or 3 micro (HS55 or equivalent)
Battery: AAA 4.8V square pack (Eneloop 4.8V 800mah)
Servo Extensions 2 or 3 24"

Call For Kit Availability! Quantities very limited!

Price: $80.00