On Vacation

Canuck Engineering is on vacation. Order processing will be delayed to week of Aug. 4th.


www.rcgroups.com - The Forum Hangout Spot. Check out the slope section.

www.rcuniverse.com - Another Good Forum Hangout Spot.

www.rccanada.ca - Canadian Forum Hangout Spot.

www.leadingedgegliders.com - Jack Cooper EPP Warbirds

www.houseofthud.com - Ian's Info Site on Denver area Soaring

www.thud.us - Ian's Media Server with lots of local Slope Vids.

www.loveairrc.org - Local Power site I fly at.

www.advanced-energy.com - Where the real money is made.

www.slopeflyer.com - Greg's info site and store. Lots of sloping info.

www.predatorwings.com - Karl's site for all things Bee and Bat.

www.midwestslope.com - MWSC main site.

www.soarutah.org - Soar Utah main site.

www.super77th.comwww.super77th.com - Supper 77 main site.

www.lavawing.com - Greg's sloping sight and links to his video productions.

www.tufflight.com - Joe and Mark's store. Lots of EPP electric and glow planes.

www.slopeaerobatics.com - Cool aerobatics on the slope.

www.eatonairrc.com - Eric's place for cool planes.

If you have a Radio Controlled related website and want it listed here contact me by email. canuck@canuckengineering.com