Lumberjack 72" V2.0 DS


The next generation in the Lumberjack era! Version 2 is everything the V1.5 planes are with the added advantages of more durability and much quicker build times.

The V2 kits come with:

New HD white small bead 1.9# EPP for all panels.
2600mAH NIMH 4.8V RX Battery standard.
Wing panels joined into wing halfs.
Basswood TE precut and assembled to the wing halfs.
Wing tip curves precut.
Battery bays precut.
Elevon stock beveled for top hinging.
All new 12 step assembly process and instruction manual.
Double spar setup for more stiffness.
Elevon ribbon reinforcement.
Airfoils optimized for easy assembly.
Quality brand name hardware.

Wingspan: 72"
Length (Nose to Tail): 22"
Flying Weight: 40 - 75oz depending on gear used and build method.
Airfoil: LJ1.5 (Modified Bluto)
Servos: HS85MG, HS125, or equivalent
Rx: FMA M5, Hitec Electron 6, Hitec 555, Hitec Super Slim or equivalent
Battery: Custom Lumberjack (included)

The V2.0 Lumberjack kits are great for the intermediate pilot looking to step up to the next level. The increased durability of the V2.0 kits allows the Lumberjack to take on the world worst landing zones, beginner DS pilots, and anything else you can throw at it.

The V2.0 retains all the great flying and ease of tuning characteristics of the V1.5 kit. The V2.0 kits come with many of the harder and time consuming build steps done at the factory. Assembly time is cut in half if not more over the V1.5 kits.

Price: $135.00

Battery comes with Kit Order